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     45 McMurray Road
     Upper St. Clair, PA  15241
     Phone: 412-833-2500
     Fax: 412-833-8826

Welcome to The Grand Residence at Upper St. Clair

Discover more Space, more Programs and Services, and more Value. Choose a senior living
environment that provides a caring and dignified community, where guests can live life to the fullest.
We believe that independence promotes confidence, self-esteem, and wellness. Here at The Grand Residence, we offer you the highest quality of life, assistance with all of your daily needs, and all at an affordable rate.

We Offer
Luxurious Accommodations
Life Enrichment Programs
Gourmet Culinary Services
Housekeeping Services
Wellness services


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Standards of Comfort, Elegance and Security

You have maintained these standards throughout your life. Now You want to leave behind the responsibility of home ownership and relocate to a community which will satisfy your living needs without compromising the quality of life that you have come to expect. Now is the time for you to become acquainted with the elegance of The Grand Residence - a senior living community in Upper St. Clair. 

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Every amenity and comfort has been designed into The Grand Residence
Seeing is Believing!


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45 McMurray Road  -  Upper St. Clair, PA  15241  -  Phone: 412-833-2500  -  Fax: 412-833-8826

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